When your medical products are registered by Brilitas, it opens you a wide opportunity to have distribution in 37 markets with a high approvals by the Ministries of Health in the local countries through Brilitas Network System of Agents and Partners.
European Union market

European Union market

Brilitas EU
27 EU member countries
East Asia, South Asia and West Asia markets

East Asia, South Asia and West Asia markets

Brilitas Global (4 countries)
China, Egypt, India, United Arab Emirates.
Southeast Asia Market

Southeast Asia Market

Brilitas (4 countries)
Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Brilitas has been building and developing the global network system of Brilitas with Institutions, Policies, Standards and Regulations that are researched, evaluated and applied in a scientific, standard, clear, transparent, objective and accessible manner, in accordance with international law and the laws of the local countries, to offer core cooperative values to Agents, Partners and Clients of Brilitas Global.
As our strategic orientation, Brilitas is not only an international medical servicing corporation, but also a scientific center for researching and developing Quantum Medicine with a basis of quantum biology, to offer novel methodologies to European Medicines Agency as stakeholder, to bring Patients advanced therapies for medical treatment from gene, DNA, RNA, Monoclonal antibodies and Recombinant proteins.


Bringing Agencies, Partners of Brilitas to a global market, an orderly and homogeneous environment for business development, product distribution, transparent mechanism, clear benefits, policies of Preferential Incentives and Appropriate Supports, effective and affordable solutions for Agencies and Partners to expand and develop their product markets to countries and territories around the globe where Brilitas has its commercial presence and System of Agency & Partner Networks of Brilitas


Brilitas brings Clients with professional international medical services, representing Manufacturers, Agencies, Partners and Clients of Brilitas to carry out specialized activities, ranging from preclinical and clinical research support, registration of marketing authorization, issuance of CE Mark, import and export, warehousing, distribution, tendering, establishment of Agency & Partner Network, post-marketing surveillance product monitoring system, making annual clinical tracking report of products, particularly sensitive and continuous system to receive information and update market demand, close cooperation with the Government and Health Agencies in the local countries, with the methodically invested process system at a reasonable and completely economical cost compared to the case where Manufacturers, Agencies, Partners and Clients cannot or have difficulty in accessing information, or having to pay high expenses or huge investment, without evidence to ensure the feasibility, if, by yourself, doing the activities alone and when deploying the system of agencies, partners, clinical monitor systems and compulsory requirements related to product circulation in countries and international markets.