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Address:64 Truong Dinh, Vo Thi Sau ward, 3 district, Ho Chi Minh



-Company history

BRILITAS PHARMACEUTICALS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Brilitas . for short) is a diversified testing company, research, production and sales about molecular biological products in the test, diagnose and cancer treatment, genetic and other chronic diseases in Vietnam and international market.


Seeing the outstanding development of the medical industry now and in the future, our company focuses on modern testing products and services together with molecular medicine products aimed at screening and treating infectious, genetic, cancer and other chronic diseases with the desire to bring the best values to the community and medicine


Developing and bringing value to the community, serving patients and providing basic treatment solutions from genes, stem cells, autologous immunity to help patients improve their quality of life.

-Our value

We provide modern and quality equipment and supplies for the medical industry
We provide modern, accurate, and fast medical testing services
We are always ready to support, care, advise and always accompany customers from the smallest things
Our products are quality assured and have a clear origin
We take benefits brought to the community and health as a measure to bring about reasonable product prices
After-sales service